All Sunday races at the Petrolia track start at 2:00 p.m.  Racers are to be at the race venue 2 hours BEFORE posted race time for setup help and registration.  Special event times are on the schedule.

We are in very trying times – We will monitor things as they continue to develop and adjust our schedule as needed to protect the health and safety of our members.

Driver race registration $10.  All pit crew members $5.  Each team should have hand sanitizer and masks and maintain social distancing.  All guests will have name and address taken for contract tracing.  Mask wearing requested.


2021 Racing Schedule

Racer registration $30 and 2021 Race fees of $100 required prior to access to the track.

$100. deposit for track hours, refundable after 6 hrs volunteer completed (this can be in the form of post-dated cheque or cash payment).  Fill out on-line registration and send to Brenda at before coming to the track.

June 27: Test & Tune Day 1

July 3/4 (TBD): Test & Tune Day 2 – exhibition racing

July 11: Petrolia Race 1 – postponed due to rain

July 18: Petrolia Race 1 – rain date

July 25: Petrolia Race 2

August 8: Petrolia Race 3

August 22: Petrolia Race 4

Sept 5: Petrolia Race 5

Sept 19: Petrolia Race 6

Sept 26: Thorndale Fair

Oct 3: Petrolia Race  7

Oct 10: Petrolia Race 8 (pending)