These are our current racers and their class for the the 2017 season.  Check Race Standings to see how your favourite drivers are doing.

Name Class    #   Name Class    #
  Junior 86   Sera LaPointe Mini-modified  
Lucas Chapman Junior 22   Alisha LaPointe Mini-modified 28
Jordan Tipping Junior 40        


Zamara  Freer Econo-mod 88        
Darra Ashwell Econo-mod 00        
Name Class   #   Name Class    #
Wayne Freer Melissa Freer Modified 55   Jasper Outlaw  
  Modified 83   Randy Jackson SuperMod 9
Corey LaPointe Modified 22   Steve Roe Sr SuperMod 88
Hayden Modified 19   Wayne Freer SuperMod 55
Steven Roe Jr
Modified 40   Stephen SuperMod 72
Logan Antoine Modified     Brad Pask SuperMod


James Modified 18   Ryan Blankenship Outlaw       77
Dillon LaPointe Modified 22