Outlaw Class

AGE GROUP: 18 years or at discretion of race director. Recommended that you have 1 year experience in super mod to race in outlaw and a mandatory interview with executive. If you have no previous experience and want to start in outlaw class please contact the executive. Also maybe be asked to prove on track in front of safety committee that you are capable of handling your machine.

ENGINE: “Open” Max 21 HP factory OEM Rated 4 cycle lawn equipment engines. Maximum cubic inch is 44ci.
Engines must be 4 cycle lawn equipment engines that were available on production lawn cutting equipment, no over the counter engines. Internal and external modifications are allowed. Engines must retain the OEM block and cylinder head castings, modifications are open. Billet aluminum flywheels are mandatory.

FUEL: Racing alcohol and race gas permitted.  It is mandatory to use a race fire suit or jacket and pants. (nomex coveralls will be accepted)

Fuel pumps: if electric fuel pumps are used they must be killed with the tether switch in addition to on/off switches.

DRIVE TRAIN: Is open to live axle, belt or chain drive. Centrifugal clutches recommended. No torque converter snowmobile progressive type clutches allowed. where drive train is exposed to driver it must be covered up.

CHAIN GUARDS: All chain guards are mandatory and must be made from 1/8″ steel or aluminum. The rear chain must have an additional safety loop (from side to side not front to rear following the chain) on horizontal shaft mowers to prevent a whipping effect in the event of a chain failure under power.

STEERING: Direct steering is mandatory, if you use an alternate steering method it must pass a critical tech inspection. No plastic steering wheels unless it is the type that is reinforced with steel.

WHEELBASE AND MAXIMUM WIDTH: 46″ min wheelbase and 51″ max. 42″ max width. Max width will be measured with a go/no go gauge. If the 42″ gauge fits over the width of your wheels and tires it is legal, if it doesn’t you are not.

FRAME: Minimum ride height is 1.5″, 3.5” maximum ride height. IT is recommended that engines are separated by a safety shield or stock cowling from the driver. Discreet chassis modifications allowed for axle installation to lengthen wheelbase and reinforcement to the frame. Scalloping of frame allowed in getting seat down lower on tunnel type chassis.

BRAKES: Hydraulic brake mandatory. Front brakes are highly recommended.

WHEELS/HUBS: Aluminum race wheels and hubs mandatory, 6″ front wheels and 8″ rear wheels.

TIRES: Racing grooved dirt tires are recommended, turf tires are allowed.

BUMPERS: Rear closed loop bumpers are mandatory. Width can not be greater then rear tires. It is recommended that the rear bumper be laid back 20 degrees from vertical to prevent climbing. Front bumper is optional. If front bumper is installed, it can not be more then 2″ ahead of the hood or front wheels whatever protrudes ahead the farthest. Front bumper can not cover up the front tires.

SIDE CRASH BARS: Left and Right side crash bars are mandatory. Must be mounted flush with wheels or set in 1.5″ from outside flush. Crash bars need to be filled in enough so driver’s foot cannot get stuck in them in the event of a roll over.

BODY/HOOD: Hood and fenders can be home made but must resemble a lawn tractor. NO SHARP EDGES! , Sharp edges can be a hazard in the event of a roll over. Rear fenders must not be wider then the bulge or widest part of the rear tires.