Junior Class – 17 mph top speed

Junior Class

AGE GROUP: Must be at least 4 years old and no older than 10 years old or at discretion of excutive.

MAX ENGINE: 6.75hp Vertical shaft of push mower origin or horizontal shaft.

DRIVE TRAIN: Must use F/R gear boxes, 90 degree boxes or transmissions as long as it is locked into one gear on vertical shaft engines. (No shiftable transmissions) Centrifugal clutches recommended.

WHEELBASE AND MAXIMUM WIDTH: Recommended width is 34″. Wheelbase is 37-38″.

STEERING: Any improvement in steering is recommended, if stock steering is used it will be subject to tech inspectors discretion.

FRAME: Must use the small 37″-38″ wheelbase early MTD / Huffy style frames. Fabricated frames are allowed using these dimensions: A rectangle measuring 42″x13″ outside, using 1″x2″ rectangular tubing. The front axle is place at one end, (MTD uses a piece of 3/8″x2″ flat iron for a front axle) the center-line of the king pin to king pin measurement is 16″-17 3/4″. From the front axle center, measure back 37″-38″ for rear axle center-line. Customized or scaled down bodies allowed, they must resemble a lawn tractor.

BRAKES: Must be intact and working, any improvement in brakes is recommended.

WHEELS/HUBS: Must use 6″ max diameter wheels, steel or aluminum. Turf tires recommended, slicks allowed. 13″ tall tires max are recommended to prevent climbing.

BUMPER/SIDE BARS: Front and rear bumpers are mandatory, must be in 1″ from each side of the tire width and installed at the standard 7″ height. Secondary loops are recommended.

Speed limit will be enforced by radar.