2024 Membership

Guest drivers registration $20.  All drivers must become a member after completing 3 races during career.    This fee will not be deducted from membership registration. Covid regulations in effect at the time of event will be followed.

Racer membership fee is $50 ($100 if 2 or more racers in one family) and 2023 Race fees of $100 payable by April 30, 2024. Membership registration must be completed prior to access to the track.

$100. deposit for track hours, refundable after 6 hrs volunteer completed (this can be in the form of post-dated cheque or cash payment). 

Racers who do not register by April 30, 2024 will be required to pay a $10. race fee for all away races.

Each mower that support away events will received 30 points for showing up at event.

Each mower will receive 5 points for showing up at regular races in Petrolia as well as points awarded during race.

Family members can purchase a yearly pass for $35. Otherwise they will be required to pay a $5 admission fee per race. Everyone in the pits are responsible to make sure they pay to enter. One parent per junior racer is exempt.

Registration form and fees can be e-transferred to Waynefreer50@gmail.com