Pro Modified Class

Age Group: 18 years. Exceptions are possible. Must be approved by the executive. 
Engine: Max 18hp OEM rated or 40ci horizontal or vertical shaft engines. Engines must be of lawn tractor origin. Stock single barrel intakes and carburetors are mandatory, no fuel injection. No over the counter non OEM engines. Internal modifications open. Must be stock appearing externally, with the exception of exhaust headers, air filter, velocity stack. All engines must be equipped with a billet aluminum flywheel. Must have onboard starting system. Fuel:  Race fuel  race alcohol/methanol and pump gas are the only fuels acceptable.  Driver must wear a race fire jacket and pants or one piece suit. Nomex coveralls will be accepted.

Fuel Pump:  If an electric fuel pump is used it must be killed with the tether switch in addition to on and off switches.

Drive train: Open to live axle, chain or belt drive. Centrifugal clutches are recommended. No torque converter progressive type snowmobile clutches allowed. Where drive train is exposed to driver it must be covered up.

Chain Guards:  All chain guards are mandatory and must be made from 1/8″ aluminum or steel. The rear chain must have an additional safety loop (from side to side not front to back following the chain) on horizontal mowers to prevent a whipping effect in the event of a chain failure under power.

Steering: Direct steering is mandatory. Alternate steering methods must pass a critical tech inspection. No plastic steering wheels unless it is reinforced with steel.  Handlebars must prevent driver from being pierced in the event of a rollover.

Wheelbase and Max Width: Min wheelbase is 42″ Max width 42″ and will be measured with a go/no go gauge. If the gauge fits across your wheels and tires it is legal, if it doesn’t it is not legal. 

Frame: It is recommended that safety shields are in place between the engine and driver or stock dash cowl. Scalloping of tunnel type frames allowed to get the seat down lower. Minimum ride height is 2″.

Tires: Commercially available turf type tires or Hoosier race tires are allowed. 

Bumpers:  Front and rear closed loop bumpers are mandatory. Rear bumpers can not be wider than rear tires, it is recommended that bumpers be laid back 20 degrees from vertical to prevent climbing. Front  can not be more then 2″ ahead of hood or front tires, whatever protrudes ahead the farthest.

Side crash bars: Left and Right side bars are mandatory, must be flush with wheels or inboard 1.5″ max. Sides of crash bars must be filled in enough so driver can not get foot caught in the event of a rollover.

Body/hood: Hood and fenders can be home made as long as they resemble a lawn tractor. NO SHARP EDGES! sharp edges are a hazard in the event of a rollover on home made body panels and spoilers.