The Western Ontario Outlaws Code of Conduct for all participants, crew personnel, officials and any other persons involved.  All of the rules should be read thoroughly, as they will be enforced at all events and subject to technical inspection and at the discretion of the chief Tech Steward or Race Director.  When in doubt ask for a ruling in advance to ensure that you are not disqualified during the event.

The Western Ontario Outlaws Race committee reserves the right to make changes to the rules for safety and for the benefit and growth of lawnmower racing.

The final decision in any Western Ontario Outlaws business lies with the respective Executive.  This includes race event locations, memberships, rules, specs and Code of Conduct.  The decision as to tractor eligibility rests with the WOO Tech Committee or race director of the day.

Any questions, suggestions or concerns should be forwarded to the executive or the local representative in your area.


Good Sportsmanship, Common Sense and Fair Competition/Keep it simple.

  1. No drugs or alcohol shall be consumed during any race event.  Doing so will result in immediate disqualification from that event.  Continued infractions could result in being ejected from the event.
  2. Profanity or insulting behaviour at race events will not be tolerated.
  3. Each racer is responsible for the actions of his/her guests and crew while at the race event.  This includes while you are on the track.
  4. Tractors must remain at minimum speed when in pit area and grid area.
  5. All race participants must register no later than 1 hour prior to drivers meeting, at which time registration will be closed.  Registration will also be temporarily closed during time trials.
  6. It is the responsibility of each race participant to recognize the flag rules.
  7. 2023 membership fee is $50.  A family household membership for 3 or more racers is $100.  This fee along with a $100 deposit (cheque or cash) and filled out membership form must be paid on April 1, 2023.  No entry to track will be allowed if this is not completed.  The $100. deposit will be returned after the racer has completed 6 hours helping get track ready for racing season.  For those living more than an hour from the track this time can be made up by coming early on race day and helping setup in preparation for the event. 
  8. Non-members can race three times before they must become a member.


The following gear must be worn at all times when operating the racer: Full fingered gloves, C.S.A./DOT approved helmet with visor or goggles, long pants, boots which cover ankles, long sleeved shirt or jacket and attached tethered kill switch (see basic rules). It is required that all drivers wear an approved safety neck collar.  Drivers using alcohol fuel MUST wear approved fire resistance apparel.  Tech steward will verify.


  1. The race line up will be determined by an executive or race director.  Number of heats and racers per heat will be determined on race day.  Any questions on this can be directed to the Race Director at any time.
  2. All starts will be rolling (NASCAR type).  The start of any race will be determined by the flagman – it is the sole discretion of the flagman weather a start is legal or illegal. When the green flag drops race has started.  No pulling out of line or passing until green flag is shown.  No passing pole position until start line if crossed. Repeated false starts will result in offending driver moved to the rear.
  3. Yellow flag laps do not count, however flag person has the right to shorten races.  Yellow flag re-starts are single file.
  4. Intentional bumping, uncontrolled ramming of the racer ahead and blocking will not be tolerated.  It is conceded that some light tapping is part of racing, but any intentional infractions will result in being black flagged after one warning.  Deliberate bump and run is automatic DQ from event, drivers deliberately driving in a reckless manner crashing out other competitors will be banned from any further events that are sanction under Western Ontario Outlaws rules.
  5. Racers being lapped must stay on the outside line of the track.
  6. Drivers are responsible for knowing their starting positions and heat numbers.  They must stay near their mowers while waiting to line up.  Failure to be present at race grid immediately prior to your race may mean forfeiture of your position and you may not be allowed to participate in that race.
  7. If a driver leaves the track during racing, they must safely re-enter and must yield to traffic.  (You cannot gain a position).  If a driver does gain a position, you will be given one lap to give the position back.  Failure to do so will result in being black flagged or no longer scored
  8. If a mower quits running during a race, the driver’s first responsibility is to move the mower to a safe distance from the track.
  9. Any suspicious modifications in any class will be subject to a re-tech or RPM test following the feature race or at any time during the event at the discretion of the Tech officials or Race Director