Modifications not listed below are not permitted. All tractors must look like lawn tractors, and must start and finish each race with all sheet metal intact (hoods, fenders, and grilles.) The stock machines will be run on the dyno to check for max mph of 10 km per hour. This speed is subject to change after we see how everything works out.

1. All tractors must have been a lawn tractor, (no garden tractors) with a rim size of a maximum 8” on the rear and 6” on the front. Rear fenders may be modified to allow seat installation on to top of tunnel.

2. Mower decks must be removed.

 3.  Batteries and fuel tanks must be securely fastened to the inside of tractor chassis not on running boards. Bungee cords are not sufficient.

4. Tractor must be as it originally came from the factory. No modifications, of any nature, are allowed to the engine (including governors and carburetor), or transaxle.

5. Tractors may be lowered by any means necessary to achieve minimum height of 6” from ground to bottom of chassis. Drive belts and pulleys may be changed to achieve maximum speed (10.0kph) in high gear. If high gear allows for over-speed, a permanent gear lock must be installed to not allow tractor to exceed maximum allowable speed.

6. Front axle may be fabricated (may use “L“, “J” or “C” type spindles) but must be installed in original location, and must be of one-piece design. If “C” type spindles are used, kingpins must be a minimum 1/2″ diameter, installed with a minimum 5/8” diameter spindle. Hyme joints must be used in any steering component if a manufactured front axle is used. Front wheels must turn fully to the left and right.

7. All trans-axles and transmissions must retain ALL gears and remain unlocked.

8. Axle width with tires, front and rear, cannot exceed 36”. All wheels must be held on to axles with center-drilled axle with locking bolts, oversized cotter pins and washers, lock nuts or castellated nuts with cotter pins.

9. Brakes must be intact and working.

10. Horizontal shaft engines will be permitted if Lawn tractor came from factory with one.

11. Centrifugal clutches are not allowed.

12. Tether cords are mandatory, as are spring return foot throttles.

13. Mufflers are optional.

14. Closed loop rear bumpers are recommended.