Mini Modified

AGE GROUP: Must be at least 10 years old or at discretion of race director.

MAX ENGINE: 12HP model 28 flathead briggs or overhead valve motor not to exceed 450cc verticle or horizontal and are restricted to a maximum of 3650 rpm (governed no load) strictly no modifications to these engines.

DRIVE TRAIN: Locking of transaxle/differential allowed. Transaxle or differential can be substituted with premium keyed shaft. Drive line pulleys, sprockets and clutch system can be modified/altered (Centrifugal clutches allowed). Gear boxes and transaxles are not to have any gears removed. Reverse chain can be removed for safety reasons. 90 degree gear boxes allowed.
WHEELBASE AND MAXIMUM WIDTH: Max width 42″. Minimum wheelbase 40″
STEERING: All heim joints must be replaced with aftermarket heim joints. Direct steering is mandatory, if you use an alternate steering method it must pass a critical tech inspection. No plastic steering wheels unless it is the type that is reinforced with steel. Lock nuts must be used on steering.
FRAME: 2″ minimum ride height. Axle can be widened to 42″ max outside to outside of tire, mounted as required to maintain minimum ride height and OEM wheelbase and position, spacer brackets can be removed.  Front axles and steering can be modified or replaced with custom fabricated one piece beam and mounted back in original position.
BRAKES: Aftermarket brakes mandatory on rear axle only, must be on right rear if using an un-locked axle.
WHEELS/HUBS: Steel or aluminium kart wheels with hubs allowed. 6″ front wheels and 6″-8″ rear wheels.
BUMPER/SIDE BARS: Side bars/nerf bars are mandatory, the area between the running board and side nerf/crash bar must be filled in so you can not get your feet caught in the event of a roll over. Rear closed loop bumper mandatory. Front bumpers optional, must be no farther than 2″ from front of tractor and no wider than the body or hood.
Note: This class will be teched or re-teched at the discretion of the Tech Steward throughout the event to enforce the RPM rule.
Minimum weight of 450lbs.